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What good is God?

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Philip Yancey - What good is God?

- On the Road with Stories of Grace - 

Speaker, journalist and bestselling author, Philip Yancey has travelled the world tackling the most challenging questions: Can God truly bring solace to the terrorised people of Mumbai, or the students who witnessed the murder of their classmates? Will the deep scars of racism ever heal in post-apartheid South Africa, or the American South? Can a persecuted Christian minority have any impact in places as hostile as China or the Middle East?For each of his ten destinations, WHAT GOOD IS GOD? shares Philip's inspiring words of encouragement and reveals the compelling story behind the speaking engagement.Whether he's addressing alcoholics or Bible college students, sex workers or C.S. Lewis enthusiasts, Yancey's experiences of redemption, hope and grace provide evidence that when we are severely tested, faith really does matter.

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